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Beautification Day heralds creativity with Harris Paints

March 15, 2011

The Ministry and the NCF gratefully accepted the gracious donation of paint from Harris Paints' Luke Ticknor.

The Ministry and the NCF gratefully accepted the gracious donation of paint from Harris Paints’ Luke Ticknor.

Last Saturday was the National Cultural Foundation’s (NCF) Beautification Day 2011.

“[This day] is about having a burst of creativity coming not only from within the NCF because of the wonderful members of staff that work there but also from without” said Chairman of the Board Monique Taitt. Brushes and rollers in hand and pallets full of vibrant Harris paints the NCF facility transformed brilliantly.

Harris Paints donated 85 gallons of paint and accessories in addition to the T-shirts worn for the renovation project. Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing at Harris Paints Luke Ticknor said “we know that paint has one of the greatest powers to change people’s moods. By adding colour to your lives and office places, home and community we can inspire creativity, innovation, pride and resiliency and there is no space like the NCF for creativity and innovation, so as a result of that we are happy to help bring colour and a new sense of beauty and pride here to the NCF.”

The initiative was a product of the board but Taitt said “we had the immediate buy in from the management and staff of the NCF”. Minster of Family, Sports, Culture and Youth the Hon. Stephen Lashley thanked Harris Paints profusely for “from the minute the Chairman and the board came to me with this initiative and we approached Harris Paints the answer was a resounding yes.”

The staff members came out in their numbers to paint the buildings in the colours chosen by them. The Minister also showed his appreciation for Harris Paints’ recognition of their responsibility to the wider community saying “it is always good when we have corporate Barbados citizens such as Harris Paints” on board and acknowledging that their responsibility to the very important institution, the NCF, goes beyond strictly commercial.

Ticknor said that primarily the day’s event is a community effort but in renewing the relationship with the NCF it is the beginning of more Crop Over projects to come. Ticknor said “We can’t be an active member in the community without being involved in culture.”



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