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Colour – The Heartbeat of Architecture

March 23, 2015

“Light, in full colour, will change architecture into nourishment,” says international colour expert Fawn Chang.

In a wide-ranging presentation entitled ‘How to Use Colour in Space’, the award-winning writer and designer painted a vivid picture of how colour can be used to positively influence behavior, psychology, physiology and the perception of space and time.

A consultant to Harris Paints, the Caribbean Champions of Colour, Chang delivered the informative talk to the Barbados Institute of Architects during a recent luncheon at the Savannah Beach Hotel.

“When designing with colour, there are five important things to consider – purpose, coherence, volume of the space, use of the space and the use of colour and space to direct attention. We also have to remember that colour is nothing without light,” she said.

A certified master in the ancient art and science of Feng Shui, Chang also highlighted the elements of colour that contribute to personal feelings and moods.

“Science has proven that colour activates emotion and that our yearning for colour is a direct fulfillment of an emotional need. For instance, red can be used to increase appetite and promote the feeling of excitement, while pink is sedate and blue can cause you to lose track of time,” she said.

“Likewise, we often incorporate pale shades of yellow for clarity and ease of digestion, in both food and learning. As for the Caribbean, the region has adopted a bright and bold palette which is always a fascinating phenomenon, however, suitable balance and pairings should be taken into account.”

Tracy Johnson, Project and Administration Manager for the Harris Group of Companies, said Chang’s presentation was an initiative which had been developed through Harris Paints’ association with the Colour Guild, an approved provider of the American Institute of Architect’s Continuing Education System.

“As the Caribbean Champions of Colour, we are dedicated to promoting a better understanding of colour which will assist our customers in making easier, more successful colour choices for the spaces in which they live and work,” she said.

Harris Paints offers more than 59,000 colours, along with countless custom palettes that can be created, matched or specified to suit individual needs.

“We are also pleased to continue our relationship with Fawn, a talented industry-insider on the cutting-edge of the latest colour and design trends. Her ability to transform lives by transforming space is well known and we are very excited about our strategic partnership.”

During her visit, Chang also made presentations to specially invited guests at the Harris Paints Training Centre, as well as conducted professional development sessions with members of the local and regional Harris Paints team. (PR)