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Harris Paints Goes Green

March 23, 2011


Harris Paints has gone green with the Green Business Barbados programme at the Future Centre Trust. During the programme Harris Paints implemented a progressive initiative to reduce waste by initiating a Troweltex pail return programme. This plan was part of a much larger call to reduce waste within their plant and to work with recycling companies to recycle and/or reuse much of their out-puts such as plastics, glass, metals, e-waste, cardboard, paper and drums.

During the programme Harris Paints also upgraded their water system to improve efficiency and installed a rain water harvesting system for use within the plant. Harris also launched an internal Greening Initiative to educate employees on measures they could put in place to reduce their carbon footprint by designing and posting signage about the programme and its benefits. A training day was also provided to all employees to learn how to go green at home and at work coupled with a tour of B’s Recycling in order to learn about how processing of recycling materials can be done. (PR)



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