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New Ulttima Plus Offers Longer Term Protection From Fungus & Mold

November 29, 2013


Unique micro-encapsulated controlled- release biocides plus 100% pure acrylic mildew resistant resins are responsible for the long term anti-mildew effectiveness of the new Ulttima Plus paint.

One of the five cutting-edge technologies introduced by Harris Paints which have helped to revolutionise the industry, MildewGuard Technology™ has been formulated with these specialty biocides, designed to release slowly over the life of the coating. Unlike most paints which lose their anti-mildew effectiveness within six months, Ulttima Plus will resist the growth of fungus and algae for a much longer period of time.

For the consumer, this means less maintenance over the life of the paint and no unsightly looking areas where mold, fungus or algae would normally grow, thus the area stays fresh longer, resulting in savings of time and money.

After it was developed by two long-serving local technicians at Harris Paints and to verify their innovation, the product was then tested over a 33 month period in the jungles of Malaysia. This was to assimilate the harshest tropical climate in the Caribbean, since the Malaysian climate is close to that of the Caribbean. Passing this test then allowed the product to be certified by an external lab, an independent testing facility out of the USA. Ulttima Plus was also tested via application by over 60 contracting firms.

“We knew we were on to something good, but when we had it verified by the overseas independent facility, one that verifies products from all over the world, we knew we were on to a winner” stated CEO of Harris Paints Ian Kenyon.

Ulttima Plus, which took two years to develop, combines five problem-solving technologies in one can. In addition to the MildewGuard Technology™, there are the CoverFast and ColourLast technologies where the product will cover quickly and withstand harsh tropical conditions and look brighter for longer. There is also the

Easy Breathe Technology™ with the lowest known VOCs in paint in the Caribbean. This one allows the customer to paint and use the room within hours without the odour and promotes better air quality. The fifth technology is the SelfPrime Technology™ which means that surfaces can be painted without priming first thus saving on the cost of primer.

Ulttima Plus, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, was developed by a small team at the Barbados based Harris Paints factory. (PR)

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