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Painting a difference

September 18, 2010

Chairman of Harris Paints Limited, Ralph Johnson (left), giving painting tips to volunteers.

Chairman of Harris Paints Limited, Ralph Johnson (left), giving painting tips to volunteers.

DEACONS PRIMARY SCHOOL will soon be repainted, thanks to a donation of 40 cans of paint by Harris Paints Barbados Limited.

During a brief presentation ceremony at the school, Member of Parliament for the area, Chris Sinckler, congratulated the company for being community minded, while showing corporate social responsibility in a harsh economic climate. He noted that the physical environment of a school was always important, because children “feel a lot better and more comfortable when the surroundings in which they have to study are bright and conducive to learning”.

Sinckler, who is also Minister of Social Care, added: “The school has been in need of a paint job for some considerable period of time. The last time it was painted was probably in the 80s, a good little while ago . . . The Ministry of Education has many secondary and primary schools to deal with, all of which could probably do with a brush-up. But the budget . . . is constrained.”

Chairman of Harris Paints, Ralph Johnson, said that though his company was approached by a number of companies and organisations to donate paint, he specially appreciated the opportunity to grant this particular school’s request because he once resided in the area.

“I was particularly honoured to honour your request, primarily because – although the factory is not in this area – I was born and raised up in Deacons Road and Westbury Road and in Brighton Road. I know this area extremely well from a long time, even before the school was built,” Johnson said. (AH)



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