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Senior Citizens Village Gets Facelift

August 18, 2014


Residents at the Soroptimist Senior Citizens Village in Eden Lodge would recently have been jumping to a different tune following a much needed facelift thanks to the members of the Barbados Defence Force and Harris Paints.

Just prior to the crop over season, in early July, selected members of the Barbados Defence Force descended on the Village armed with Harris Ulttima paint and numerous paint brushes and rollers to create a fresh new look for residents.

It was a collaborative effort from the Defence Force and Harris Paints and was a part of their respective community outreach programmes.

Soroptimist International Barbados had approached both Harris Paints and the Defence Force to assist in the maintenance of what is now their oldest and largest community project – the Senior Citizens Village.

“The 24 housing units require ongoing maintenance and funding and because it is not a profit making venture (the residents only pay a nominal rent which is less than market value) the Club has to find creative ways of maintaining the property” stated President of the Club, Danielle Maycock. “We are therefore very grateful to Harris Paints and the Barbados Defence Force for giving of their time and high quality products to assist in the upgrade to the units at the Village. The residents are extremely happy with the 10 peach coloured units which we had painted this time around.” She added.

On why Harris got involved in this exercise, CEO of Harris Paints Ian Kenyon stated.  “Every year we get numerous requests from members of the community to assist in their various projects.  We have to be selective as we can’t possibly service them all. However, we thought this an excellent opportunity to assist the senior citizens in our community who have already given to the society by dint of their hard work over the years and now that they are in the Village, they should be able to live comfortably and we were happy to assist in this regard.”

“When we heard that the Defence Force was going to be doing the painting that made it even easier as we were assured that our products would have been capably applied which of course enhances the durability of the job” he added. (PR)


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