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7 Low Cost Ideas to Grow Your Business – Tomorrow

February 24, 2017


The best and least expensive source of future business leads is from repeat or referral business.  However to leverage this, Job number one is make sure that you hit-it-for-six. In other words, that you exceed customer expectations on every project.  Think about the overall impression you make and try and incorporate actions that will differentiate yourself from competitors.   Once you have happy customers, building your business gets a whole lot easier.

Get a testimonial

Once customers exclaim how happy they are with the job, do not hesitate if they would be willing to provide a very short testimonial ie a few lines that describes what was done and why they were happy with the job. In short – a recommendation.  Keep these in a presentation binder that you can show to prospective clients and offer contact information so that new clients can get verification from people you’ve worked with in the past.

Be memorable

Small gestures can be very meaningful. Writing a small note to thank the client for the job, presenting a small gift you know will be relevant or even buying a relatively low cost pre-paid coffee card as a token of your appreciation, can help you be memorable to your client. You want that top-of-mind awareness the next time they hear of anyone needing help on a project.

Be accessible

Be sure you make it easy for customers to find your number when they want it.  Have business cards on hand and leave a few cards with past clients. Consider flyers that can be printed at low cost. Develop multiple platforms ie start a facebook page for your business and consider a website where you can post job news (before and after photos) and testimonials.

Ask for referrals

Whether you are working for a homeowner or a commercial business ask if they could recommend you to others. These potential contacts might be other related businesses, people they work with, family or friends. Work out if its best to leave materials for your client to pass on or if this is a contact that you can follow up directly.

Look at local opportunities

While working in a specific location take advantage of time spent in the area and canvas other properties about potential work and leave your info.  Look out for businesses that have community noticeboards to post information and reviews of your work.

Keeping in touch

Keep past customer information and follow up with clients periodically to see if they have any future projects planned.  Develop an email list and advertise if you offer any other general services.

Network with other contractors

Reach out to other painters and building contractors and develop relationships.  Often projects might require the need for additional labour to meet project completion deadlines and working together will give you added flexibility to take on jobs of different sizes and will benefit you both

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