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Guide to Choosing the Right Roller Cover

February 24, 2017


Rollers can help you save time and are ideal for applying paints fast especially over large areas. Consult our easy Roller Cover Reference Guide to pick the roller cover that is right for your project and the type of paints you plan to use.

High quality products provide a superior finish and provide better value in the long run. Quality roller covers

  1. Last longer. Higher quality materials resist matting and are more durable to extend the life of the roller.
  2. Hold more paint per dip (have higher paint capacity). Saves time!
  3. Provide smoother coverage. Fewer air bubbles and less lint in the coating. Denser fibers reduce
    spattering. Even layoff from the beginning to the end of the stroke.

Consider Knitted or Woven

Roller covers that are knitted are more prone to shedding. Fibres in woven covers are secured tightly and won’t pull out. Woven covers are preferred for working with oils that tend to have more ‘pull’. If you use knitted covers we recommend that you wash them first or de-lint with some masking tape to remove loose fibres.


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