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What the Heck? A Natural Wood Deck That’s Easy to Care For!

November 6, 2017

A Natural Wood Deck That’s Easy to Care For!

Resurfacing a varnished wood deck that hasn’t been maintained can be a real doozy.  New hybrid products that enhance colour and protect wood substrates with half the work.

Traditional varnish provides a classic long-lasting finish on decks but when let go too long, the varnish will start to breakdown and flake. To bring it back, you are looking at extensive sanding, scraping and cleaning to prepare the surface for recoating.  All too often the lack of upkeep, turns into a large undertaking and a headache for property owners.

Coming down to the Christmas season, optimizing outdoor space is perfect for entertaining.  And these days convenience is king. For new decks, consider recommending a penetrating stain which has dual benefits of enhancing colour and protecting wood from the elements plus it’s easier to keep it looking in great shape.

Harris WoodCare High Performance Penetrating Stain is suitable for use on uncoated wood. The semi-transparent colour absorbs deep into the fibres, adding richness and at the same time, providing weather resistance. While you won’t get that showy high gloss film, penetrating stain gives a practical matte finish that is less susceptible to the terrible twins –  peeling and flaking, Decks remain cooler underfoot as the surface isn’t sealed and can breathe.

To rejuvenate worn decks is a snap! To resurface scuffed areas from wear and tear or when there is a loss of lustre, simply clean deck and allow to fully dry. Then recoat with Penetrating Stain, wiping away any excess product.  No special prep needed!

This solvent-based solution resists mildew growth, sun, moisture and salts and protects for up to 2 years (horizontal) and up to 4 years (vertical). on most exterior surfaces.  In addition to decks, Penetrating Stain is also ideal for wooden furniture, trim, doors, railings and windows.  Harris High Performance Penetrating Stain is available in 8 hues: Pine, Rosewood, Cherry, Teak, Walnut, Red Mahogany, Brown Mahogany and Oak.


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