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New Paint for Pros Optimizes Performance and Price

February 24, 2017

Professionals well know that premium paint such as Ulttima Plus, will provide the highest performance, best all-round results and lifetime value for their clients yet, professionals are sometimes faced with the need for a lower cost alternative that can reduce overheads substantially and help drive business but won’t hurt their reputation.

In response to this market need, Harris Paints has introduced new Pro Speed Cover products which are formulated to increase productivity, delivering good hide and coverage at an exceptional price point.  “We realize it’s a very competitive market and our clients are looking to us to provide them with flexible options that correspond to their day to day reality”, explains Tracy Johnson, Regional Marketing Manager for Trade Services.

The new Pro Speed Cover line is available in 3 sheens, Flat and Eggshell, in a broad range of colours, and Gloss, in white only.  They are competitively priced and designed to be used strategically where there is high price sensitivity and are suitable for sectors such as commercial and residential real estate rentals, which is characterized by relatively high tenant turnover and frequent repainting is required.

“It isn’t a one size fits all scenario”, agreed one contractor.  “If you are finishing some new homes that are basically being sold as empty canvases there is no need to use the most premium paint on the interior, where the homeowner will likely repaint to make their own.  Similarly, say you are maintaining a hotel and are trying to juggle a tight budget, you can perhaps stretch it a bit further by choosing a paint with lower durability for secondary areas, such as ‘back of house’ office spaces and corridors that get a reduced level of wear and tear. If you properly assess your project and use a smart strategy, products like Pro Speed Cover can dramatically increase your profitability.”

Although already very affordable, Flat and Eggshell Speed Cover products feature remarkable spreadability, up to 200 sq ft more per gallon than similar products, owing to the special FLOWTEK 555 formulation.  This protected formula optimizes elements such as titanium dioxide, a key component in hiding, and rheological additives which affect the chemistry and micro-structure of the paint, to enhance flow and viscosity without compromising hide. (Eggshell: covers up to 20% or 100 sq ft per gallon further)

A must-try for fast turnaround projects is Pro Speed Cover Gloss which has a brilliant high shine finish.  In sampling, even seasoned contractors found the finish so glossy it was difficult to differentiate from traditional oil and it won’t yellow!  Utilizing FAST-FUSE technology which promotes rapid polymerization or film formation, this Gloss is touch dry in 10 minutes, and recoats in as little as 1 hour.  As the film dries , it also hardens producing quick curing making it ideal for painting windows, cupboards and doors as freshly painted surfaces resists blocking (or sticking together) in as little as 4 hours!

While Pro Speed Cover might not be the answer for every project, as the first Trade paint from a regional manufacturer, it is formulated for the tropics and its time and budget saving advantages are well worth considering if in line with project priorities.

For more information go to www.championsofcolour.com



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