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Oh Boy – Back Pain!

August 1, 2017

Many of us are no stranger to these aches and pains which can result from long periods spent bent over, twisted or in other awkward positions or from lifting and carrying heavy loads. Avoid the discomfort or potentially career ending injury with these top tips.

Strengthen Your Core
These muscles are the central support for your spine and if they’re weak could cause you to over stress other muscles. Do core exercises that are aimed at strengthening the full range of muscles including abdominal, back, and obliques 3 days a week.

Lose the Belly
Old or young, if you are carrying excess weight this can lead to more strain on your spine.  Drop the LBs and lighten your load!

Stretch It Out
Tight hams and glutes can restrict proper motion of the pelvis and lead to lower back pain. Stretch as often as you can to elongate and unlock muscles and keep you pain free.

Utilize Proper Lifting Technique
When lifting loads at floor level, don’t bend over at the waist. Lower the body by bending the knees, keep a straight back and expand chest forward. Lift by pressing through the legs and hips, keeping the load as close to the body as possible.  XL Loads – Don’t be a hero. Ask a buddy to help.

Back Savers

  • Where possible, make life easier by using equipment to move materials on site. These could include carts, dollies, forklifts and hoists.
  • Keep work at waist height set up on workbenches or scaffold rather than bending constantly to the floor
  • Avoid back breaking scenarios when painting. Extension poles are your best friend – great for painting floors, walls and reaching high areas.

Note about Back-Belts

While back-belts can offer some support to stressed backs, they do not necessarily prevent back injuries.  They don’t change poor lifting technique and could even cause wearers to think they can take on heavier loads. It’s best not to rely on a them to protect you but practice safe lifting and preventative measures.

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