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First Aid Stop the Bleeding

May 6, 2018

God forbid anyone should get hurt on the worksite but if they do, you should be prepared. Accidents can involve […]

Which Safety Colour?

January 22, 2018

Safety colours provide a visual shorthand to alert employees to important information and hazards and can be especially useful in […]

4 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Concrete Sealer

Concrete might be one of the most common building materials but don’t be cavalier – depending on conditions, concrete can […]

Dominica Relief Roundup

Harris Paints pulled out the stops to help Dominica after the country was devastated by Hurricane Maria on 17 September […]

Prevent Concrete & Drywall Repairs Showing Through the Finish Coat!

If you don’t take the proper steps to provide a uniform surface for the finish coat, this could lead to […]

Stand Out with Specialist Floors for Food Service

Extraordinary demands are placed on commercial kitchens and food-service areas in hotels, restaurants, malls, schools, hospitals, public institutions and leisure […]

How to Counsel Customers on Exterior Colour

The exterior repaint of a home is available for all to see. Colour choice doesn’t get more public than this.  […]

Christmas Specials and New Affordable Paint line!

November 6, 2017

Cash In On Christmas Deals! Are you holiday ready? Jump-start your Christmas spruce-up with seasonal savings and prizes! Get amazing […]

Crunch Your Numbers

Crunch Your Numbers Small improvements and savings in just a couple of areas can result in a healthy uplift in […]

What the Heck? A Natural Wood Deck That’s Easy to Care For!

A Natural Wood Deck That’s Easy to Care For! Resurfacing a varnished wood deck that hasn’t been maintained can be […]

Quick Fix to Protect Hardware, Hinges and Handles!

Quick Fix to Protect Hardware, Hinges and Handles! Check out this handy hack from one of our Pro readers.  If […]

How to Paint Natural Aluminum

November 5, 2017

How to Paint Natural Aluminum While aluminum is soaring in popularity due to its combination of attractive properties, it can […]