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Take Charge of Time Management

August 1, 2017

Too much time spent on getting the job done can easily rack up large labour costs and leave you with little profit left over.  In a challenging price sensitive market, many professionals are working on slim margins and a slight miscalculation could easily leave you out of pocket. Here are a few tips to help you come out on top.

Manage Your Man Hours
The amount of time spent to do a job accounts, by far, for the greatest part of the cost – typically about 80% of a project.  You need clear schedules, targets and to track progress daily. As the saying goes, ‘you cannot manage what you cannot measure’.  Being organized can save a lot of time and having the right people on the right job.

Use the Right Tools
Start questioning the norms on your site. Is there too much brushwork where a roller would be faster and more efficient? Are you cheaping-out on poor quality rollers that hold less paint and therefore you need countless more breaks to reload?    Have you considered spraying? On a suitable project, spraying can be several times faster and cost efficient.

Products that GoFurther
You can make huge gains with products that are designed to increase productivity – paints that are easier to apply or cover better/go further can help you make you more money. The Pro Speed Cover Flat and Eggshell paints are formulated specially for professionals and deliver great returns covering more square footage. Great for frequent repaint projects.

Be mindful of savvy shortcuts such as using a tinted primer when finishing with an intense colour. Tint with your top-coat or a pale grey works well – you could save an entire coat!

Do it Right First Time
It makes sense, right? Do-overs and repairs take extra time so best to only have to do the job once. Don’t skip prep steps that could cost you dearly later.  Simple things like not carefully laying a drop-cloth or protecting areas can add hours spent removing paint from floors, hardware and windows, adding hours to the job after the paint work is completed.


Share your tips for saving time on the job. Send them to Tracy Johnson, Marketing Manager, Trade Services at tracy.johnson@harrispaintsonline.com

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