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  • We at Coco Palm Hotel have been using Harris Paints products from the inception with no complaints

    I am of the view that Harris Paints products are of a very superior quality and having the assistance of a Sales Representative with whom I can touch base whenever I need any assistance is an added bonus. We have been enjoying a very cordial relationship with this company over the years and I am certainly looking forward to many more great experiences with Harris Paints.

  • The service team at Harris Paints is an example to many local companies …

    My wife and I used Harris Paints to redecorate the interior of our home. Their team is fantastic and accommodated us to the best of their abilities. We had a few stoppages and issues regarding the project, yet the Harris Paints Team went above and beyond to ensure that the job was executed with professionalism from start to finish. Knowing that when taking on an investment such home improvement, it is reassuring to count on a team that is so willing to go the extra mile for their customers to solve issues, and complete the job in a timely manner. The service team at Harris Paints is an example to many local companies in customer accommodation and closing the circle of service.

  • I am supported every step of the way

    The assistance and personal touch I get from the staff is second to none, from choosing the perfect products right through to applying the last coat of paint I am supported every step of the way!

  • Harris Paints has been very supportive

    Harris Paints has been very supportive of True Value from the time we started carrying their line. They helped expand our department when they brought in our tinting machine, allowing us to mix all Harris’ available paint colours for our customers. We carry almost all of their products to ensure our customers’ satisfaction. And if there is a problem with any of their paint products, Harris Paints personally visits the customer’s site with us.

  • From 1999, I was introduced to Harris Paints products

    From 1999, I was introduced to Harris Paints products. To this present time, I am very satisfied with the quality of products, services and product knowledge. I love quality and I sell quality in my store that’s why I choose Harris Paints. I will recommend Harris Paints products to every customer who walks in my establishment. What I love the most about Harris Paints is that they do continue to make improvements to their products and services.

  • Incredible customer service!

    The customer service I received at the Harris store was incredible. The staff were so good and helped me amazingly in getting just the right colour yellow for the outside of my house. It was really a very good experience!