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Paint Problems




Alligatoring: Many wide patterned cracks in the paint film with the appearance of alligator scales.

Alligatoring probable causes: Usually multiple coats of naturally aged oil based paints that have become brittle and start cracking. Topcoat’s inability to bond smoothly to a glossy undercoat. Insufficient drying time between coats. A hard coating over a soft primer.

Alligatoring solutions: Remove all of the old paint by scraping and sanding. A power washer is recommended for large areas to shorten the removal time. The best way to avoid future alligatoring is to properly prepare the surface and paint with a high quality primer/finish coat.

Primers & exterior finishes: Priming is essential for better adhesion, sheen uniformity, mildew control and durability. Select a top quality exterior paint in the color and sheen of your choice.