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Paint Problems


Gloss Retention


Gloss loss: An accelerated deterioration of the top coat causing rapid luster loss.

Gloss loss probable causes: Usually the use of gloss alkyd or oil based paint exposed directly to the sun. Thin or inadequate paint film. Paint colors such as oranges, reds and yellows that are particularly vulnerable to UV radiation. All paints lose some luster over time.

Gloss retention solutions: Use top quality UV resistant exterior paints. Acrylic glosses last much longer than oil or alkyd based paints. Remove all loose paint, dust and other particles. Rinse thoroughly with a hose. For best and quickest results, use a power washer.

Primers & exterior finishes: Spot prime all bare areas. Also refer to Chalking Solutions page 4. Select a top quality exterior gloss paint in the color of your choice.