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Paint Problems


Scrubbing Failure


Scrubbing failure: Excessive wearing away of the paint film from repeated scrubbings.

Scrubbing failure causes: Using an improper scrubbing technique with abrasive cleansing powder that will burnish and cut through the paint film. Using a flat sheen paint in a gloss sheen area. Scrubbing the paint before it has properly cured.

Scrubbing failure solutions: Select a paint formulated for repeated scrubbings. Gloss finishes wash easier and resist soil. Wait until the paint is properly cured before any scrubbing, 3 weeks or more. Wash with a sponge or a soft cloth with a liquid detergent.

Primers & interior finishes: Priming is essential for better adhesion, sheen uniformity, mildew control and durability. Select a top quality interior paint in the color and sheen of your choice.