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3 Reasons to Rethink Using Oils on Windows, Cupboards & Doors

July 30, 2018

Emulsion paint technology has revolutionized over the past 20-30 years with top quality water-based coatings now outperforming oil paints in areas where alkyds were once king.  If you’ve yet to be converted, here are three of our favourite facts.

Emulsions Dry Quickly
Traditional oil paint stay sticky for several hours so jobs take longer to complete.  If it’s rainy, dry times can be extended still further.  The longer paint takes to dry the more chance of dust and debris blowing on to the surface and then getting stuck in the paint. It happens! Modern emulsions dry fast so you can easily finish trim jobs in one day.

Emulsions Don’t Yellow
Owing to the resin used in oil paints they’ll yellow with age or in low light conditions. Dark rooms, curtains that don’t often get opened, properties that are shuttered for periods of time, sliding doors that stay overlapped for long periods can all cause your nice white to wither away. Acrylic resins used in emulsion paint do not react in the same way so such coatings stay bright white longer.

Look for Rapid Curing Emulsions
Further to slow dry times oil paints also take hours and more like days to fully cure and harden.  Every painter knows that shutting up windows, doors or cupboards after painting with oils can be dangerous as when pushed together the uncured painted surfaces will stick to each other and often become glued shut!  The risk of this happening is much reduced with quick drying/ curing emulsion paint.

Pro-speed-cover-glossDRIES FAST!

Touch Dry   10 mins
Recoats     1 hour
Cures       4+ hours

If you’ve been won over and are willing to try a water-based emulsion on your next trim job, we recommend Pro Speed Cover Gloss. The bright white finish is so glossy it rivals the look of traditional oil paint with contractors finding it difficult to differentiate between finishes in comparative tests. Pro Speed Cover Gloss applies quickly and utilizes FAST-FUSE technology in its unique fast drying formula.  It is touch dry in 10 mins., recoats in 1 hour and cures in as little as 4 hours. Pro Speed Cover Gloss Emulsion also has low VOC / low odour and is therefore ideal for refreshing/ renovation projects in occupied properties. Therefore, another great advantage over traditional oil paint is that occupants no longer have to suffer through long-lingering odours after paint application.



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