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4 Reasons You Should Consider Using a Concrete Sealer

January 22, 2018

Concrete might be one of the most common building materials but don’t be cavalier – depending on conditions, concrete can pose some specific challenges that shouldn’t be overlooked.  A high-quality bonding primer/sealer will save you in several different situations.

  1. New Concrete – An average of 6 months is needed for concrete to properly cure.  It is not recommended to coat before as high alkalinity could cause damage to the finish coat. A good sealer however is formulated to have a higher alkaline resistance than regular primer and can provide a barrier coat ready to paint.
  2. Poor Quality Concrete – not all mixes are created equal with some being more porous.  If a traditional primer is applied directly, the concrete will drink it up. Instead use a sealer designed to bond concrete and improve its strength and resistance to penetration.
  3. Older, Chalky Concrete – poses problems for paint adhesion.  Scrub heavily to remove loose particles then treat with sealer to bond and condition the surface for painting.
  4. Demanding Environments – using a sealer will help improve the performance of concrete surfaces and prevent abrasion and penetration from damp, chemicals and other residues.

Super-sealHarris/ B-H Super Seal Premium Bonding Primer Sealer is ideal for these uses. It is a clear, solvent-based solution that is easily applied with a natural bristle brush, roller or squeegee and is tack dry in 2-4 hours depending on drying conditions (recoat after 6 hours). Once application is complete, the surface can be painted directly with the finish coat.  For further information click here.

 Note: Spray application is not recommended. Super Seal is not suitable for use on non-porous surfaces or as a top coat.


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