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Avoid These Common Hiring Mistakes

July 30, 2018

Finding the right employees for a specific project or as a permanent part of a crew is a constant challenge.  High turnover leads to headaches.  Here are some common mistakes employers make during the recruitment process.

Mistake #1: Being Hurried in to Hiring
The time to look for a hire to join your team is not when you are desperate to fill a vacancy.  If you leave it ‘til this late you will more than likely be pressed into hiring a person who’s the wrong fit. Make it a mission to look out for good prospects year-round or at least before you have high demand. Hiring in off season is a good time to scout talent even if it means hiring them on a few weeks early it will be well worth it.

Mistake #2: Not Getting References
Often employers skip this step believing that it won’t provide useful information, but you might be surprised. Start by asking for a candidate’s work history, who they reported to and reasons for leaving.  Follow up with the previous employer or manager to ensure the stories match up.  Not every case is revealing but this step may bring a candidate’s ability to light or prove that they are unreliable.

Mistake #3: Providing Poor Detail About the Job
Employers need to be clear from the outset about what they are looking for and what is expected under their management.  Be realistic about the demands and conditions of the job and all that is entailed.  Have a clear job description in writing. Explain to employees how to get things right before they get it wrong.  If terms are unclear, even good candidates may feel unsettled or frustrated and walk off the job rather than fail.

Mistake #4: Not Providing Reasons to Join Your Team
Increase chances of landing top prospects by emphasizing the benefits of working with your organization. While fair and competitive compensation is attractive to all candidates, think about other aspects such as the environment and culture – opportunity for training, flexibility, working in small, tight teams, to take responsibility or work independently – that might be valuable.




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