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Estimating Labour Hours – Don’t Sell Yourself Short.

May 8, 2019

Failing to accurately calculate the true demands of a potential paint job could end up costing you – plus putting the project schedule out. Here are 5 often overlooked areas to factor in.

  1. Type of project – It’s not all about square footage. You need to consider the degree of difficulty and attention to detail in each room. Smaller rooms may have hard to reach areas and a lot of cutting in to do and therefore be completed at a slower rate than a bigger room with a lot of open wall space which is quicker to roll.
  1. Prep – carefully assess the condition of surfaces to be painted. Will they require any sanding, filling, caulking or priming? If furniture is in place you may need to look behind it! Exteriors may require extensive cleaning.
  1. Protection – in a bid to save time some painters fail to properly protect surfaces before painting, but this can back-fire and end up costing you more time after to remove paint splatters off floors, fittings etc plus earn the ire of homeowners!
  1. Number of Finishes/ Colours – in addition to the scope of work be sure you understand the number of finishes/ colours to be used. Changing colours and type of paint adds time to the overall completion time. If especially dark colours are required, especially when applied over light coloured surfaces, these often require extra coats that should be factored in.  If the homeowner has not yet chosen the colours you may want to include a note: “This quotation is subject to actual colours chosen”.
  1. Travel If your project is in a far-flung location or hard to reach area, it could take valuable time (and gas money) reaching the site each day. If this is case, while not directly part of the labour hours, you should calculate this into your costs.



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