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The Trouble with Touch-Ups

August 1, 2017

The Trouble with Touch-Ups

Many factors can contribute to a less than effective touch up and have repair work standing out like a sore thumb. For that reason, it’s always recommended to repaint the area edge-to-edge for a seamless and uniform surface.  If faced with fast turnarounds and you need to take on a touch up, keep these considerations top of mind.

Age of Existing Paint
Older paint has had environmental exposure and therefore repairs are more successfully effected on fresh paint.

Colour and Sheen
Flat paint is most forgiving and easier to treat than higher sheens that will be more likely to show flaws.  Aim to use, not only the same colour and sheen, but the same batch if possible.  Lighter colours tend to be more successful than darker richer tones.

Lighting Conditions
These can affect the appearance of the repair work. Where there’s acute low-angle light, this tends to pick up discrepancies that would otherwise appear matte.

Superficial blemishes are the most easily covered.  However, where nicks and gouges have removed layers of paint or have even had to be patched this creates surface differences that are challenging to cover.  It is best to work small within the damaged area to build up the paint layers.  Consider thinning the paint and be patient allowing layers to dry in between coats.

Consider the tools that were used on the original job.  Repair brushwork with brushes and roller with a similar sleeve or sponge, depending on the size of the repair.  When using brushes its best to have a wide range of small sizes and shapes for techniques such as feathering and stippling-in colour.

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