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Safety First With Ladders

February 24, 2017

This work essential has quite the reputation and studies in the United States have shown that work-related ladder falls result in upwards of 700 occupational death annually and as many as 90,000 emergency room treatments for injuries. Surprised by these statistics? Read on to better understand the best practices in ladder usage!

  1. 50% of all ladder-related accidents were due to individuals carrying items as they climbed
  2. 32% of ladder-related injuries are bone fractures

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

Always check your ladder

Although you and your trusty ladder have weathered many a paint project, it is crucial to constantly do due diligence with respect to the condition of your ladder. Close inspections of joints, screws, and a general once-over for any rusty areas is very necessary to ensuring your safety on the job. Know and operate within the safe weight limits of your ladder (considering any extra load to be carried) and select an appropriate height ladder for your project to prevent dangerous over reaching.

Proper Placement

A proper anchoring point at the right distance is necessary to properly secure your ladder for use. The anchor point for your ladder should always be a flat surface, and all legs – whether four or two – should be firmly grounded. If this is not possible, always utilize ladder-levelers or even dig a hole until it is level. Additionally, it is recommended that straight or extension ladders be 1ft away from the wall for every 3ft that the ladder is tall.

Be Mindful of Surroundings

Weather and other conditions need to be fully considered before taking to a ladder. Never go within 5ft of power lines with an aluminum ladder. Wet and slippery floors, soggy ground and high winds can prove detrimental. In these cases, consider using ladder shoes with rubber soles and avoid using a ladder in excessively windy conditions.

Exercise Proper Use

Whenever ascending or descending a ladder, be sure to always have one hand on the ladder to steady yourself. Also, be sure to never rely on holding tools in one hand while painting and never let your waist surpass the top of the ladder. Sensible clothing and shoes are also recommended at all times when using ladders to avoid tripping or missteps.


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