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How to Counsel Customers on Exterior Colour

January 22, 2018


The exterior repaint of a home is available for all to see. Colour choice doesn’t get more public than this.  Some clients struggle with where to start, the options seem so numerous.  Here’s where you can step in to guide the decision-making process and score big in customer satisfaction.

When repainting a home – this tends to be an all-in-one job and therefore, depending on the size of the building, it usually represents a high investment.  High investment = high consideration.  Yup – clients will take their time until they are confident they have it right and sometimes that means a hold up on the work schedule.

You can give a helping hand without opening yourself up to risk.  Here are some tips to help you guide customers on their colour selection journey so clients can achieve the curb appeal, performance and aesthetic goals for their property.

Ask the Obvious
You need a starting point.  Test the waters to find out their current thinking and if there are general preferences.  What house colours do they like and what colours are out of the question!  If they haven’t got much to go on recommend driving around a few neighbourhoods and taking some snaps of what they like and what they don’t.

  1. Consider the Surroundings These cues can give you direction and you’ll get to know whether your clients want to fit in or stand out from their environment.
  2. The Neighbourhood Is the house in an area where a certain type of colour is prevalent.  Is everybody else in pastel or brights?
  3. The Architecture What is the style of the house?  Is it an older home or very modern – which could give you clues to an appropriate palette.
  4. The Background What is the colour of the surrounding of the house. Is it set against a sea of green?  Does it get a lot of light or shadow?

Understanding Motivation
What does a successful paint job look like to your client? What will have been achieved?  Try and ask questions to find out their priorities.  Is your client more motivated by style or budget?  Is it important they get the longest life-cycle from the repaint or as followers of fashion, do they change colours regularly? Why is this important?  Read on.

All Colours Are Not Created Equal
If customers require the longest lasting colour performance you not only want to encourage them to use high quality paints but also to understand some of the science behind colour.  Pigments can be divided into two types: inorganic materials which derive from the earth and materials found in nature or chemically engineered (organic pigments) which are usually used to make very vibrant colours.   The reality is that whether used to dye clothing, colour printed paper or paint – organic pigments are susceptible to damage from the suns UV rays over time.  It follows that when customers choose colours that rely on organic pigments (mostly reds, yellows, oranges and pinks) these tend to be less hardy.

Secrets of the Industry – Insider Tips!
·         Harris and B-H Paints Colourcentres use an advanced colour delivery system and can make exterior formulations using 2 specially-designed, high performance colourants (Red and Yellow) that have been internationally tested and proven to provide longer lasting colour performance.  Be sure to request exterior formula when ordering.

·         If the house is exposed to weather blast from one side or has overhanging trees you might want to beef up the biocides on selected gallons to keep colours clean.  Order extra biocide at Harris/ B-H manufacturing plants at little extra cost.

·         Harris Ulttima Plus exterior paints are made with MildewGuard, a technology that features encapsulated, algae-fighting formula that has a special ‘slow-release’ mechanism that remains effective longer than traditional biocides.  Ulttima Plus is available in Emulsion and Oil-based paints.

Try It On
There are a variety of virtual tools available.  Harris and B-H Paints offer ColourWiz Virtual Designer where customers can upload a photo and add colours.  However painters and contractors that are Pro Club Members are offered a free digital paint service on qualifying projects that will do the job for you.  All that is needed is a photo and up to 3 colour profiles of how to ‘paint’ the building.  The image is returned in 2-3 days and can help customers see what colours look like when applied to a large space. When you think you have the winning combination, its best still to paint out some of the chosen colours before confirming the final order.


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