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Paint New Drywall

January 27, 2019

More akin to plaster than wood, see our tips to get top end interior paint finishing on drywall (also known as gypsum board, plasterboard or Sheetrock) which is becoming an increasingly popular building material in the Caribbean.

Prep Joints
Check the surface has been suitably prepared, especially that joints and nail heads are slicked and sanded smooth before painting. Thick filler will pose a danger of ‘show through’. If the material contains other small “dings” don’t sand out too aggressively as these can be filled smooth when coating.

New drywall can be very dusty not including any sanding debris from joint prep.  Be sure to thoroughly remove with a soft broom, vacuum or a micro-fibre cloth before any paint is applied.

Application Tool
For a smooth finish, use a short 3/8 nap, Ulttima Microfibre roller sleeve which is a superior woven (not knitted) sleeve and is suitable to achieve a very fine uniform finish.  Load well but don’t over load the roller or press down hard as this will cause ridges.

A critical step!  Drywall is very porous and if topcoat is applied directly, it will suck up your best quality paint.  Ensure you apply 2 coats of Ulttima Concrete & Drywall Primer first to seal the surface and create a suitable base for the topcoat.  If you plan to paint in a strong colour it’s a good idea to put a bit of the same tint in your primer – another time and money saver!

Top coat with a flat emulsion paint to create the smoothest appearance and hide any small imperfections.  Apply two coats of a good quality, low odour water-based paint such as Ulttima Plus or Pro Speed Cover.  Apply in vertical motion (walls) and finish stroke in one direction.


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