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Pro Tips to Paint Ceilings

July 30, 2018

While the ceiling is never the focal point it’s amazing how quickly clients will notice if it’s not done right.  The last thing you want is for lap lines and other imperfections to draw the eye.  Make sure your ceilings are painted to perfection.

The quick tips below are ideal for complete repaint projects where ceilings were previously painted and walls will be recoated after the ceiling.

  1. Decide on the direction to paint the ceiling. When brush strokes are in line with light from windows or sight lines from the main door, the painting path is more easily seen. Choose to paint in a horizontal direction for a seamless appearance.
  2. Use flat emulsion paint that won’t reflect light. Flat paint is better for hiding small defects and delivers a smooth matte finish.  Recommend Ulttima Plus Flat Exterior or Interior paint or Non-Drip Ceiling White.
  3. Paint edges first – A trim roller (which has nap over the end) will be much faster than a brush and easily get into corners. (You will cut in a neat straight line when painting the walls after). If room is large, work in sections to maintain a wet edge.
  4. Roll ceilings to get the job done fast. A 9” roller with extension pole works well for residential work. For commercial jobs, bigger is faster if you can get your hands on an 18” roller and paint pan. A 3/8” nap handles most ceiling surfaces unless it is particularly textured.
  5. Rolling technique. Work in sections to get even coverage. Finish each section with a single roller stroke in the same direction (so all stippling will be uniform).

Note: If possible, it is preferable to remove fittings before proceeding to paint. Remember to wear suitable protective clothing. Keep paint out of hair and eyes with a cap and goggles.


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