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Protect Your Head

July 30, 2018

When painters visit job sites, work in multi-storey environments or on active new build projects they need to gear up. A hard hat can prevent long layoffs through injury or potentially save life.  So use your head and protect it!  Read on to get the hard hat facts.

When To Use a Hat
Helmets are designed to absorb shock in the event of impact.   Wear one when there could be

  1.  A risk of falling objects – if there is work overhead
  2.  Risk of blows to the head from static or moving materials
  3.  Risk of a fall when operating at heights (on ladders/ scaffolding etc.).

Which Hat?
There are many types and classifications of hats.  A good all rounder is a hat that is certified to protect both the top and side of the head (sometimes called a Type 2).  Be sure you take the time to select a good fit.
NOTE: If doing work where there could be risk of electrical shock you need a special type of helmet that is non-conductive and tested for electrical resistance.

Believe it or not, hats do not last forever and become less effective over time. Materials weaken due to the effect of sun, harsh cleaning solvents, heavy use and general wear and tear.  Inspect helmets regularly and if the helmet has sustained an impact it should be replaced.

Top Tip
If your hat is not in use, store away from direct sunlight. Do not keep on the back seat or back shelf of your vehicle where UV will weaken the plastic over time.


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