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Remove Scribble/ Graffiti from Walls

July 30, 2018

Kids love to get creative and colour on walls or perhaps you’ve encountered a signature in spray paint.  Here’s some tips and tricks to help you remove the offending marks.

Unfortunately attempts to remove scribbles and scrawls from smooth surfaces will more than likely leave marks and lead to repainting but its worth a try (and can help reduce the risk of show-through).  Here are our top 3 hacks!

  1. Remove Spray Paint – Use paint thinner (or if none at hand, try mineral spirits, WD40 or actone). Additionally, exterior surfaces can be pressure washed.
  2. Remove Marker (Sharpie) – Damp a cloth with rubbing alcohol to and wipe to lift off. (Or alcohol-based products like hair spray also work!)
  3. Remove Crayon – Use an ammonia-based cleaner like Windex.

Removing marks from rough surfaces is even more challenging and sometimes the only answer is a fresh coat of paint. To repaint:

  • Remember to remove any cleaning agents used if you’ve tried one of the solutions above.
  • Lightly abrade marks and paint with steel wool or sandpaper.
  • Depending on intensity, apply 2-3 coats of Super Grip Premium Problem-Solving Primer which is formulated for high-adhesion and to seal out stains.
  • Finish with an emulsion or oil-based top coat of your choice. Ulttima Plus is recommended.




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