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Solutions for Leaky Concrete Roofs

January 27, 2019

You can’t ignore a leak in the roof as we all know it will just get worse. Here’s how to ban buckets and mops and put a stop to water woes.

Clean the surface
Not the fun part but this is essential for good, long term adhesion and durability of your coating solution. If the concrete surface is unpainted then it may still have a powdery residue which must be removed.  Otherwise remove dirt or other debris, give a good scrub, clean off detergents and allow to dry.

Sealing Very Fine Cracks
Prevent or stop leaking by sealing with a tough, durable paint. Apply two coats premium Acrylic Porch and Patio Enamel allowing to dry between coats.  This is a water-based paint so is low in odour and easy to use.

Waterproofing with Ulttima Roof Coating
Poor jointing and larger cracks will require heavier waterproofing.  Ulttima Roof Coating is an extremely effective “liquid plastic” waterproofing solution when applied properly.  It holds up to small ponding and can last up to 25 years. Using White on the roof will help reflect UV rays and provide cooler interiors.

“I’ve been using Ulttima Roof Coating for the past 20 years, mainly to waterproof roofs. It is an extremely effective solution. I use it to seal holes on galvanize plus it’s heat resistant. We use ‘Tile Green’ which is very attractive and blends with the environment.  It’s easy to apply and I can tell you, it lasts a very long time!”

Mr. Andre Ernest, Maintenance Manager, Anse Chastanet Resort, St Lucia

Follow these tips for top results:

  • First patch cracks with a bitumen-based adhesive tape (flashband)
  • Apply Ulttima Roof Coating only in dry conditions
  • Apply to the recommended 1mm wet film thickness (2-3 coats or 1 gal per 50sq ft area)
  • First apply a thinned primer coat (about 25% water) and allow to dry (1 hour) before applying first full coat.
  • Apply first full strength coat (no water added) in the direction of the water flow off, and allow to dry 4-6 hours or overnight. Repeat until recommended amount of product is used

NOTE: Ulttima Roof Coating should not be used for roofs that are designed for regular foot traffic. or flat wood roofs

Wet Conditions
If you don’t have optimum dry weather, roofs can also be waterproofed with Harris Damp Seal which is a bitumen-based product though this should be top coated when dry weather returns, as it is not designed for long term exposure.


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