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Should I Wear a Back Brace?

May 8, 2019

Are there any dangers to wearing a back brace to protect against injury or to alleviate pain? What you should know.


Many people wear an elastic type brace to help protect them from injury if they are performing stressful activities. It can help improve posture and lessen strain on the spine.  It is important that users

  • Be sure to use correct lifting technique for optimum back safety
  • Be careful not to over rely on the brace and overload muscles
  • To do exercises to promote a strong back and core
  • Not wear excessively without consulting a doctor

Others turn to brace to help alleviate aches and pains caused by irritation of the muscle, joints and nerves – sound familiar?  It’s common among painters who are often on their feet for long hours, sometimes working in awkward positions and lifting heavy paint pails.

A brace can be beneficial by providing welcome relief through added stability and support. It can immobilize areas to assist in recovery and promote healing.

If you have back pain, while it may not be anything serious, the best advice is to see a doctor to find out the specific cause, rule out anything more serious and follow their advice regarding the brace that will be best for you.


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