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Which Metal Primer

May 8, 2019

To achieve a long-lasting finish on metal paint projects, primer is a critical step. Choose the solution that is best for you.

Start right

  • Just like any other surface, don’t skip on cleaning the metal first using an appropriate method depending on the condition.
  • If the surface has deteriorated, sand and scrape to remove any rust or residue to create a smooth surface and better finish. Don’t use power tools for sanding which can leave a very polished metal surface and cause paint adhesion problems.
  • If there are dents or holes to be repaired, this can be carried out with an epoxy filler, then sand smooth.

Start right
A primer must be used to protect bare metal from degradation and is especially important on surfaces that are susceptible to rust.


Which Metal Primer
super grip

Use Super Grip on non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, which has excellent adhesion and will stick to very smooth surfaces.
Use also on galvanized sheeting that is in good condition.


red oxide

Red Oxide Primer is a very light duty, rust inhibiting coating that is used mainly for short-term protection of steel and other metal parts utilized in manufacturing or other industries.


Heavy duty primer

Anchorlite Heavy Duty Primer Excellent rust inhibiting coating recommended for wrought iron and other ferrous metals.  Apply rust staining through paint work by applying to nail heads.


universal primer

Universal Primer Excellent rust inhibiting coating recommended for wrought iron, other ferrous metals and spot-treatment for rust-spots on galvanize metal. Recommended to use if you are planning to top with a high performance coating system. Requires Xylol thinner.



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