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Devoe Coatings Pre-Prime 167

A high performance, two-component chemically-cured 100% solids epoxy penetrating sealer. It provides a reinforcement for rusty steel substrates, insuring adhesion of subequent coatings, and penetrates, reinforces, and seals concrete and masonry surfaces in industrial environments.

Available in Sizes
Quart, 1 gallon

Features & Benefits

Low VOC Reinforces rusty steel, masonry, and aged “White-Rusted” zinc surfaces Penetrates surface rust, crevices, back-to-back angles Penetrates pores and tiny cracks in concrete and masonry surfaces Cures to a tough, water resistant coating 100% volume solids Very low viscosity Low film thickness required No shrinkage Applies easily by brush, roll, or spray

Where to use

    • Steel
    • Concrete or masonry surfaces