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Troweltex Textured Finish

Harris Troweltex

Troweltex Textured Finish is a professionally applied waterborne acrylic coating, made with Caribbean coral dust to provide a textured long lasting finish. Available in Natural, which resembles traditional coral render. Why Choose Troweltex Textured Finish?

  • Luxury Appeal - Transforms interior and exteriors with high-end stone-like finish
  • Durability - Exceptionally long-lasting surface that seals and resists harsh or challenging weathering conditions
  • Adds Value - This strong and highly regarded surface can increase the value of your home or other buildings
  • Customized Options - Available in 4 grades  of texture - Superfine*, Fine, Medium and Coarse and can be tinted to hundreds of colours
*By special order in Jamaica and Belize

Available in Sizes
5 gallon

Features & Benefits

Convenient one coat application*
No primer required*
Conceals many surface imperfections
Seals walls and resists mildew
Resistant to impact, abrasion and repeated washing
Low odour – rooms can be used immediately
Environmentally friendly

*In most conditions

Where to use

    Ideal for interior and exterior use
    Excellent for walls and interior ceilings
    Suitable for residential and commercial properties

    Can be applied over: Masonry, Plaster, Drywall, Wood (including plywood and hardwood), previously painted walls and suitably prepared metal surfaces.