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Pro Speed Cover™ Interior / Exterior Gloss Emulsion


An excellent value, versatile, high-gloss, non-yellowing acrylic paint that provides the brilliant gloss shine associated with oil paints, in an easy-to-use, easy-to-clean, low-odour, water-based formula. Paint flows on and levels well allowing for quick coverage with good hiding. It dries quickly, touch dry in 10 mins and recoats in 1 hour and its fast-cure formula allows for effective ‘non-blocking’,preventing newly painted surfaces such as doors and windows from sticking, in as little as 4 hours after painting, facilitating faster turnaround times. Ideal for use on trim, inside and out, on both commercial and residential properties, schools and public institutions, in frequent need of repainting. Pro Speed Cover™ is specially formulated for use by professionals and its properties are balanced to deliver superior results on fit-for-purpose projects, where it is important to maximize budgets and productivity.

Available in Sizes
Quart, 1 gallon

Features & Benefits

Bright, Glossy Finish
This hi-shine finish looks like a traditional oil paint but it won’t yellow and stays glossy longer even in direct sunlight. Comes in an exceptional bright white.

Quick Drying
Recoats in 1 hour so jobs can be finished faster owing to specials resins with FAST-FUSE* Technology.

Cures Faster – Effective ‘Non-Blocking’
Formulated to prevent newly painted surfaces such as doors/windows sticking together which can damage fresh paint work and cause callbacks.

Excellent Hiding
High solids provides good cover in 2 coats, in most conditions

Excellent Flow & Levelling
Emulsion spreads easily and evenly, allowing for quick coverage

This strong, durable coating resists dirt pick up and withstands repeated cleaning and is therefore ideal for numerous interior applications.

Easy & Safe
Prevent heavy fume build up with this water-based, low odour formula which is safe for applicators and the environment. No solvent is required. Tools wash up in water.

Where to use

    Interior and Exterior on properly prepared:
    o Doors
    o Cupboards
    o Windows
    o Trim
    o Wood siding
    o Eaves and facia boards
    o Metal railings and security bars