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TrueCoat Pro II (Handheld)

21151 TrueCoat Pro II Electric


Handheld sprayers save labour by increasing their speed by 4 to 5 times versus doing small jobs with a brush or roller and they get the finish customers demand. Spray 1-2 gal jobs the fast and easy way!

TrueCoat Pro II handheld delivers the performance, reliability and finish quality expected of a Graco sprayer. It has a patented pressure control system that allows the pressure to be adjusted to facilitate spraying a wider variety of applications and is fully repairable to deliver long lasting value.

Suitable for a variety of small jobs and touch up work, the TrueCoat Pro II handheld sprayer is ideal for use with interior/ exterior latex paints and primers, oil-based paints and primers, acrylics, enamels, and solid stains.

Graco is a world leader in fluid handling technology, Graco builds the very best, most reliable electric airless sprayers available. For the contractor or painting professional, nothing surpasses th ease of use and reliability of a Graco electric sprayer. Durable and powerful, yet easy to maintain, electric airless sprayers deliver the production rate and performance professionals demand.

Features & Benefits

Included with Purchase

  • 515 TrueCoat Pro Reversible Tip
  • 32oz (.95l) Cup with Cover and 5 Cup Liners
  • Pump Armor Storage/ Start-up Tool
  • Instructional DVD
  • Sprayer Storage Case


ProControl Pressure Control System
Achieve the best spray finish with thin and thick materials by simply adjusting the pressure. Expands the type of jobs that can be sprayed with a wider range of materials. More control and reduced overspray with thinner coatings. Graduated ProControl label allows repeatable settings for common applications. Low Pressure: Improves the quality of finish and less overspray with thin materials. High Pressure: High production rate with thick materials.

TrueCoat Reversible Tips
Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) tips are high precision tips designed for use with ProSpray Technology. Integrated tip and guard shuts fluid off at the tip – no spits. Available in 4 tip sizes to spray a variety of materials and applications.

Patented ProSpray Technology
The handheld delivers the same Pro Quality Finish as Graco’s professional airless sprayers. It sprays material as designed by the paint manufacturer – no thinning required! Consistent even spray pattern for one-pass coverage.

Tilt-N-Spray Pendulum Suction Tube
Allows full motion of spraying up, down or even sideways. The suction tube swings freely to evacuate virtually all of the material from the cup, requiring fewer refills which means more productive spray time!

Lightweight, Compact Design
Smaller, compact design is ideal for spraying in tight areas with ease.

Fully Repairable
Ability to replace all parts of the sprayer with simple, modular components to extend the life of the sprayer.

15ft (4.6m) SuperFlex Power Cord
Omits the need for an extension cord for many small projects

Pump Armor Storage/ Start-up Tool
Protects pump from corrosion and clears intake valve at startup to provide reliable priming every time.

Compatible Accessories (sold separately)
Stocked to Order Items Include

  • Quart Can Adapter – Connect any quart can directly to sprayer (sold separately)
  • Portable Spray Pack – 1 gal container and air compressor
  • 12” and 24” Spray Extensions


Tip Support: .011-.017
Material Cup: 32oz (.95l)
Max PSI (Bar): 1000-2000 (69-138)
Electric Cord: 15ft (4.57m)

Material & Solvent Compatibility
Most materials that can be cleaned with water, mineral spirits or paint thinner. Do not use materials which state “flammable” on packaging. (See Operations Manual for detailed list of compatible cleaning fluids.)

Where to use

    Ideal for

    • Walls
    • Ceilings
    • Doors, Siding
    • Garaged Doors
    • Fences
    • Shutters
    • Decks