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Harris Paints Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

December 9, 2013


Harris Paints has scored another first in the Caribbean. The 41 year old organisation has recently been awarded the ISO 9001:2008

multi-site certification which covers 5 business units and 14 retail stores around the Caribbean.  The 5 business units operate in Barbados, Dominica,

Guyana, Jamaica and St. Lucia.

This award comes after a full year of preparation, with the Company working to achieve the certification.  CEO Ian Kenyon explained how the process

was executed  “What we had to do was to completely assess all of our operations throughout the Harris  Group and realign them in accordance with the

ISO 9001:2008 standards and comply with those standards for design, development, manufacture, distribution and retail of paints and paint related

products.  It was hard work but the dedicated team at Harris throughout the region really pulled out the stops to achieve this.  It really is a major

accomplishment for us” he added.

The certification included extensive training for all employees, as well as internal audits  in all areas of the business. It is expected that the certification will

now lead to increased efficiencies in the Harris Paints system.  Through the certification, there are now new databases that have been created making it

easier to monitor and act on any issues region-wide quickly. It has also generated improved communication within the group.

“Our customers will see the results of this certification in an improvement in customer service, in the quality of the products that we produce, and

generally in more efficient ways of operating at Harris Paints.” stated the CEO.

“It really is about the staff and the dedication of a small team because we achieved this at  the same time that we were developing our revolutionary new

product Ulttima Plus which is now available on the market.” he further added. (PR)

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