December 03, 2012 3 min read

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BH Paints is making it easier for customers to select the best brushes, rollers and associated paint tools for a project, through the introduction of a new line of applicators and accessories via an exclusive partnership with Dynamic Paint Products Inc. the largest manufacturer of paintware products in Canada. With more than 30 years of experience, Dynamic delivers the best selection of products for do-it-yourselfers (DIYs) and professionals at a competitive price and are renowned for their dedication to quality and innovation. The Dynamic product line including over 1000 paint products, can be found in more than 8000 retail locations across North America, Asia and Europe. Pooran Bishram, National Technical Sales Manager for Dynamic Paint Products who recently undertook several training sessions throughout the region in conjunction with BH Paints, said that the products have been specifically customized to suit the Caribbean and deliver exceptional performance in various conditions. He also stressed the many reasons why better quality brushes and rollers are worth more than inexpensive ones and that persons should consider more than just price when choosing an applicator: "Better quality brushes and rollers provide smoother coverage and leave fewer brush marks, fewer air bubbles and have less lint in the coating. They also hold more paint per dip (higher paint capacity) and save time. Quality applicators last longer as they are made from higher quality materials and are more durable, as clean up is easier thereby extending the life of the brush or roller. So there is no doubt that better quality applicators are a better value!" Indeed, the new applicators consist of specially blended filaments chosen to provide better flow and paint release in the Caribbean climate and are designed for versatility with all types of paint. This allows persons to choose the best applicators for the job simply by selecting based on their needs. Consequently, customers looking for the best finish when completing projects will now have the choice of premium quality Ulttima brushes and rollers which deliver superior performance and professional results. Those who want great results at great prices can find their solution with the Perma range of professional quality brushes and rollers which have been designed for easy application while customers who are on a limited budget can choose the Excel range of brushes, rollers and tray sets. Luke Ticknor, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for the Harris Group of Companies said the introduction of the new product line was based on market analysis and customer feedback. "At Harris and BH Paints we value the input provided by our customers and focus on providing the highest quality products and solutions. In addition to commercial painters, building contractors and interior designers, our customer base includes homeowners working on DIY projects who may be a little intimidated when it comes to accessory selection. With the introduction of our new line of brushes and rollers the choice now becomes easy and straightforward, giving customers more time to work on their project," In addition to the new line of BH Ulttima, Perma and Excel applicators, BH Paints will also be introducing a wide array of products and accessories from Dynamic, including cleaners, tapes, sandpaper, mixers and much more, while still providing customers with the L.G. Harris range of products. (PR)