International Paint (IP)

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Commercial Metal Protection

A heavy duty range of high-durability acrylic, alkyd and epoxy primers and finish coats that are easily handled by maintenance teams. Options include convenient direct-to-metal (DTM) systems, surface tolerant epoxy coatings that require less surface preparation, as well as low VOC and water-borne epoxies. Ideal to protect metal fixtures, fittings and equipment in Hotels, Kitchens, Schools, Leisure Facilities, Public Buildings, and Commercial Businesses.

Tank Linings

Our linings solutions and technology meet conventional lining duty, as well as chemical and abrasion resistance. We offer specialist products that deliver high temperature and extreme chemical resistance and 24 hour return service. Our brands are Interline, Devoe, Enviroline and Ceilcote.

Industrial Metal Protection

An extensive range of ultra-heavy-duty systems and technologies designed for use in mining, oil & gas, transportation (ports & pipelines), power and other heavy industries. Systems offer the highest protection for metal (including extreme abrasion resistance, chemical, fire and salt attack) and are customized to meet the requirements and conditions of the project/ sector.

Specialty Coatings

Through our partnership with International Paint, a global leader in protective coatings, we have the experience, product range and knowledge to provide the specialty system for extraordinary conditions. These include Fire Protection, Temperature Resistance, Subsea/ Marine & Anti Fouling coatings.

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