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From Aluminum to Zinc and everything in between, this handy guide is a life-saver with specifications from our Vice President of Technical and Head of Innovation (who has been designing formulas specifically for the Caribbean environment for 30 years) identifying the exact coating system you’ll need to guarantee success in coating virtually any surface.


This guide details coating systems to effectively colour, coat and protect virtually any surface encountered in standard construction, renovation and maintenance environments. It provides an outline of the preparation required for successful coating and identifies recommended coating systems for a variety of substrates as well as how to effectively solve surface challenges.
Note: While every effort is made to detail accurate and effective systems, specific project conditions are unknown and can be highly variable. This guide is therefore limited and outlines generally applicable principles. It is not a specification.


While Harris/ B-H Paints do supply specialist High Performance Coatings (HPCs) these fall outside the scope of this guide. HPCs are a class of technically advanced protective coatings designed to give superior levels of impact, abrasion and corrosion protection designed for aggressive environments including high traffic areas and in commercial and industrial applications.