Harris Paints a good corporate image

August 27, 2010 2 min read

Harris Paints a good corporate image

The Forgotten Youth Foundation (FYF) Boxing Gym will get a well deserved facelift following a timely donation of several gallons of paint by Harris Paints, one of the leading local manufacturers of the product.

The gesture originated from a humble request to the administrators of the above mentioned paint manufacturers from President of the Guyana Amateur Boxing Association (GABA), Steve Ninvalle for assistance towards the rehabilitation of the Albouystown based facility.

Yesterday morning coach of the FYF, Sebert Blake visited the Water Street headquarters of Harris Paints to formalise the deal. Sales, Marketing and Operating Manager (Harris Paints), Curt Taylor handed over the gift to coach of the FYF, Sebert Blake in the presence of top amateur boxer Marvin Ageda and other officials of the Paint Company. “On behalf of the management of Harris Paints I wish to make this donation to the FYF to facilitate the refurbishing of the facility and create a more comfortable environment for the boxers of that institution,” said Mr. Taylor.

Mr. Blake responding on behalf of the management of the FYF expressed gratitude to the management of Harris Paints for its timely gesture. He assured the donors that the gift would go a long way in the current rehabilitative works undertaken by the management of FYF gym.

Meanwhile, Mr. Blake explained that the executive of the FYF had recently embarked on the rehabilitative project. He said that several other corporate entities and conscientious individuals have made donations towards the success of the project. The FYF coach further revealed that after receiving donation of sand and cement from GABA Vice President, Maurice Rajkumar and other materials from other well wishers, the gym members formed a self help group and have completed the resurfacing of the floor.

With the receipt of the paint they will continue the self help work over the coming weekend.
It is now more than a decade since Keith Bazilio has bought and donated the building, situated at James and Albert Streets, Albouystown for the boxers’ use. Over the years several government functionaries had promised to assist in the rehabilitation process but to date none has delivered on the promise.

Mr. Blake is renewing the call for such support as he feels that it would help the young ghetto youths in their self development drive while keeping them on the right side of the law.