Harris Paints and Courts Partnering for Christmas

November 16, 2023 2 min read

Financing and hire purchase arrangements will make home improvements more affordable and facilitate home repainting in locations around the Caribbean.

Two leading companies have come together to make it easier for Caribbean homeowners to fulfil one of their major dreams for Christmas - having a freshly painted home.

Harris Paints is partnering with Courts Ready Finance, in a first-time collaboration, to make paints and supplies accessible and affordable to customers this holiday season. 

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Harris Paints, Luke Ticknor, explained that the partnership provides a framework that allows Harris Paints’ customers who qualify, to access funding through Courts Ready Finance and set up affordable payment plans for paints and related supplies. “We are really happy to be able to offer this facility which helps alleviate budget pressures and helps families complete home maintenance and get spruced up for Christmas.”

Shamar Shorey, Business Development Officer, Unicomer Barbados Ltd reviews financing details with the store team in Barbados.
Shamar Shorey, Business Development Officer, Unicomer Barbados Ltd reviews financing details with the store team in Barbados.

Mr. Ticknor added that the programme will not only be a blessing for homeowners with an eye on Christmas, but also to those who wanted a paint job generally but were finding it difficult to complete the painting after building their new home. “In cases of newly constructed homes, major renovations or new property purchases paint comes at the end of the process when cash resources are running low so we see our partnership with Courts Ready Finance (and Courts Ready Cash through BH Paints in Jamaica) as very relevant to the market throughout the year.

Remarking on their partnership, Mr. Ticknor said that Courts was an ideal choice as its Caribbean footprint was similar to that of Harris Paints, which allowed the companies to offer the programme across the region.  He also said that Courts made it exceptionally quick and easy for customers to check their eligibility and apply online with responses in as little as 48 hours.

Harris Paints has completed financing arrangements with Courts in Dominica, Jamaica and Barbados with Guyana soon to come on stream and St Lucia to follow.

While some of the financing requirements vary from country to county, customers can easily find out exactly what is needed by linking to the Promotions page on the Harris Paints website (championsofcolour.com) or directly to the Courts Ready Finance website for their country.

In addition to the financing opportunities, Harris is also offering attractive discounts over the Christmas period with top quality paints more affordable than ever and opportunities for great savings and to win prizes too.

Harris Paints and Courts Ready Financing in Barbados sign the contract to help homeowners afford to paint their homes this holiday season.

Contract is signed with Courts in Jamaica by Marvin Fletcher, Trade Sales and Retail Services Manager,BH Paints and Oscar Kerr, Head of Sales and Customer Experience, Bluestart Capital (Jamaica) Limited (Courts Ready Cash)