Harris Paints Meets Customer Demand For Colour Testers

November 02, 2022 3 min read

Harris Paints Meets Customer Demand For Colour Testers

Special Offer: Two Mini Pots of paint for just $5 until Nov 29, 2022.

After years of asking for "just a small bit of paint to test with", that's the special rate customers can now enjoy for a 4 fl oz Mini Pot of paint. It's all thanks to the new Harris Mini Colour Pots Machine at the Wildey Colourcentre.

The one-of-a-kind machine produces a Mini Pot in less than two minutes, with each pot having enough product to cover up to five square feet with two coats of paint. Customers can choose any colour from the Harris colour display or fan deck in either flat or satin finishes.

As CEO lan Kenyon explained, "On a daily basis, we have people coming in asking for a small sample size of paint to take with them to test in their spaces. However, the smallest amount available was a quart size. That was far more than they needed and people would also feel limited in how many they could buy at one time given the price. Now, with this new machine, customers can easily buy multiple Mini Pots, at an affordable price. There simply is no better way to choose colour than to see the real paint, in the actual space, with the real lighting conditions and other items in the room. The mini-size pots, which are produced to order' at the touch of a button, will reduce wastage and will also help people to save money in the long run because they will be so much more confident about their final selections."

The two for $5 special is available for a limited time until November 29, 2022 and will be especially helpful for Barbadians looking to spruce up their homes for the holiday season.

"People love to paint their homes for Christmas and create new looks and this will make it so much easier this year to try out a new colour without fear of getting it wrong. Just come into Harris Wildey, get Mini Pots in the colour of your choice, and test them on your exterior or interior walls or whatever your project might be, and then come back, confident that you know exactly which colours will work best for you," said Karen Beckles, Senior Retail Services Representative.

The stand-alone, vending-style Mini Pot machine is at the cutting edge of paint production technology. It is based on exceptional, world-class engineering and expert colorimetry to produce 1000+ accurate, mini-size colours on demand, in a fully automated process and Harris currently has the only version in the world with the most advanced software, being used in store and with the ability to offer colour in more than one finish.

"We know our customers will love using the machine. It's quick and easy and makes selecting colour fun. Pocket-sized Mini Pots are a game-changer for our customers who are into DIY projects and for contractors and interior decorators who lil the potential look and finish of different paint colours. Colour has a big impact on us so it's important to get it right. Nothing beats actually seeing the paint in your spaces and to know you've got the right one. No more stress or worry. So we are very excited about being able to offer our customers such a convenient and affordable solution," said John Marshall, VP Operations & Head of Business Unit Barbados.