The Joy of Colour (Yes, Now More Than Ever!)

May 04, 2020 2 min read

The Joy of Colour (Yes, Now More Than Ever!)

Call us optimists, but we see an upside to staying at home. Not only does it ensure we're all doing our part to flatten the curve, but breaking out of busy routines has given many of us a wonderful opportunity to get reacquainted with family and rejuvenate ourselves. it's also reawakened our need for some creative inspiration. Of course, there's no better way to scratch that creative itch than with colour. "Colour has the power to lift our spirits," says Harris Paints CEO Ian Kenyon. "Personally, vibrant sea blue always puts me in a good mood. there's just something magical about it. Deep down, it's probably that connection with nature and happy memories of being near the ocean on sunny days," Harris Paints and BH Paints customers in the Caribbean love to celebrate the tropical environment and Kenyon has noticed that they're doing it now more than ever. "Optimistic colours such as sunny yellows, fresh greens and lively oranges have always been popular with our customers for interior and exterior decorating, but in recent times, our stores have seen a real trending towards even brighter, more cheerful colours," Here are some ideas for using paint colours to brighten up your space and bring joy to your home:
  • Repainting an old piece of furniture can breathe new life into something that may have been under-valued or under-used. A splash of colour and voila! Youâ"ve just created a fun new accent piece to admire:
A bedroom dresser that has been painted a bright green with starfish decorations hanging from the drawer handles, paint colours to brighten up your space. 
  • Try your hand at some decorative detailing to give your room accents (furniture, framed mirrors or decor pieces) a unique touch. Whether you're going for a distressed look or wanting to add more shine and polish, we have some great decorative finishes for your DIY project.
  • Many families have repurposed their living spaces for other activities, whether it be a children's study area, home office or a place to exercise. Seeing rooms in a whole new perspective may also be a chance to see those walls with a brand new shade of colour:
A living room with bright pink painted walls, beige couch and purple pillows, paint colours to brighten up your space. 
  • Feeling adventurous? One way to add a pop of bold colour (without regretting it later) in an otherwise neutral space is to add a feature wall. A feature wall of a different colour instantly becomes the focal point of the room. Harmonize your colour scheme by adding complementary decorative touches like throw pillows or pretty lamp shades:

A woman in a dark green dress standing in front of a decorative wall with a teal and white pattern, paint colours to brighten up your space.

Whether tackling a small project or taking on a major home makeover, our design teams are always happy to help you choose the perfect colours. "We know that certain colours can boost happiness, optimism and energy while a fresh coat of paint will make any space appear clean and bright," Kenyon says. "And both of those things are very important right now."

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