Precious Nature - Inspiring Colour

September 16, 2021 2 min read

Explore the colours of precious nature with Inspiring Colour 2021 Magazine by Harris Paints.

Welcome a little indulgence back into your life and immerse yourself in the beauty of the most precious elements of nature.


If your dream home is sublimely elegant and effortlessly luxurious, look no further than this nature inspired colour palette. Designed for immersive layering of colour; cool smoky purples, rich warmth and a whisper soft shell hue are all the elements you need.

Gilded Glamour

Bring some gold into your bedroom to create a sense of grandeur and luxury.


Gold in the bedroom is the easiest way to feel like royalty. Learn more tips at Harris Paints and BH Paints in the Caribbean.

Classic Touches

Antique and contemporary elements work beautifully together when they share a timeless appeal. Enhance both the decor and ambience of your space with scented candles in gilded coloured glass jars.

Antique and contemporary working together with this lamp and candle. Learn more from Inspiring Colour 2021 by Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

Bring It Together

Patterned wallcoverings call for the perfect paint harmony. Use the darkest shade of the print for woodwork and decorate adjoining rooms with all-over walls painted in the main print hue.

Patterned wallpaper can create the perfect paint harmony. Read more in Inspiring Colour 2021 Magazine by Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

All The Roses

Start with a single rich hue and build an opulent mood with print, pattern and statement accessories.

Layer up the warmth with walls in Sweet Baby Rose and Parlor Rose. Add pillows and throws to complement or contrast in smoky purples and cool greys.

Subtle Statement

There’s a timeless elegance to the more restrained colours of the Precious Nature collection. Baby Sprout, a warm mid-tone neutral is a perfectly subtle backdrop for feminine touches of pink and rosy gold tones in bedrooms. For a soft but contemporary mood, pair the uplifting colour Canter Peach with modern furnishings in cool grey and white.

Bedroom painted with Baby Sprout 0134. Learn more in Inspiring Colour 2021 by Harris Paints in the Caribbean.
Bedroom painted with Canter Peach 1015. Available at Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

Smoky Mood

Nothing says luxury quite like the perfect shade of smoky purple. Designed to work in tonal harmony, the inky depth of Purple Shadow lives up to its name, with Victorian Violet bringing a contrasting lightness.

In colour theory, purple and yellow are complementary colours, so here, antique golden tones are the ideal harmony to these shaded violets both as an upholstery colour and in metal fixtures and fittings.

Living room with golden upholstery to compliment purple walls. Learn more about colour theory at Harris Paints in the Caribbean
Victorian Violet 1305 used in a hallway and is available at Harris Paints in the Caribbean.

Harris blue man

Looking for more inspiration? Check out the full Inspiring Colour 2021 magazine. You can download the full PDF using this link here.