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We have 3 exciting webinars lined up to teach you the tricks of the trade and getting you decorating your home like a pro!

Learn how to get the best results with paint & colour.

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Primer Must Knows

Sun 21 Nov | 3pm

Approx 60 minutes.

Hosted by Paint Professional, Dwayne Drakes

Do you know when you should use a primer and when you can afford to skip it. In this session we will be sharing decorators’ best kept secrets! This session could save you money and will help you get gorgeous results and avoid painting pitfalls.

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Easy Decorating Projects

Sun 21 Nov | 5pm

Approx 60 minutes.

Hosted by Colour Consultant, Melissa Browne

You can do wonders with even a single gallon of paint to improve and refresh your home. Create good energy with pops of colour that brighten and enliven your space. Tune in to get top decorating tips that make a difference!

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