Colour Last Technology

Why do paint colours fade?

  • When paints are tinted, colorants are added to them, in a sufficient quantity to shade the base paint to match a particular colour. These colorants are made from either inorganic or organic ground pigments held in a dispersion liquid, and are mixed into the paint.
  • When exposed to UV light, such as from the sun, the resin of the paint, which holds in the pigments and protects them, begins to break down, eventually causing the pigments to become unbound and exposed to UV rays themselves. Over time, this process, which is called photodegradation, causes a bleaching effect.

Harris Paints colour last technology ensures lasting paint colours.

What can be done to slow down the impact of photodegradation and make colours last longer?

  • Paints can be formulated with more UV-resistant resins, such as 100% acrylic resins, so that the pigments will be protected for longer
  • Paints can be formulated using opaque polymers as secondary pigments, as these pigments help refract UV rays away from the paint surface
  • Paints can be tinted with colours that have higher pigment concentrations, so more pigment is used in the same amount of colorant
  • Paints can be tinted with inorganic pigments, as opposed to organic pigments, where the use of same can achieve the intended colour
  • Where organic colorants are required, paints can be tinted with more light-fast versions of these colorants, which though more expensive, have proven to resist UV rays longer

Ulttima Plus paints are said to contain Colourlast Technology because:

  • The emulsion paints all use only 100% pure acrylic, UV-resistant resins to bind the pigments
  • The emulsion paints all use opaque polymers to help refract the UV rays that hit the surface of the coating
  • The paints use colorants that are, on average, 85% higher in pigment concentration than the range of colorants currently used to tint Ulttima
  • The tint system develops colorant formulations using inorganic colorants wherever possible
  • The paints have two new High Performance Organic Red and Yellow colorants added to the range, which offer 5X more fade resistance than do their counterparts in the range of colorants currently used to tint Ulttima

Download the full poster for our Colour Last Technology to learn more.