Cover Fast Technology

Why do some paints require many, many coats to achieve the final colour?

  • Paints are made out of a mixture of resins, solvents, pigments and other trace additives.
  • It is the amount, and type, of pigments that gives a base paint hiding power.
  • Generally, pigments in paint are a white powder that get dispersed into the liquid mixture, and can include TiO2, opaque polymers, Zinc Oxide, chalks, clays and calcium carbonate.
  • The whiter the powder pigments used, and the finer they are ground before dispersion, the more hiding power or opacity they will provide.
  • When paints are then tinted, it is the pigment concentration of the colorants used that give them better hiding powder.
  • Additionally, the amount of resins, or solids, in the paint, the thicker a film it will apply to surface being painted, which also increases hide.

Harris Paints products have exclusive coverfast technology, to ensure great coverage and easier application.

Ulttima Plus paints are said to contain Coverfast Technology because:

  • The paints have high combined pigment levels, including high-grades of TiO2, extender pigments, zinc oxide and opaque polymers, all of which make for better whiteness and white hide, as well as hiding once tinted
  • The paints use colorants that are, on average, 85% higher in pigment concentration than the range of colorants currently used to tint Ulttima, making for more opaque coats
  • The paints are thick, and have a high resin/solids content, so they leave a thicker coat on the wall, promoting better hide
  • The paints apply easily and smoothly, and dry quickly, allowing subsequent coats to be applied in shorter time periods

Download the full poster for our Cover Fast Technology to learn more.