Available in Barbados & Jamaica at select Colourcentres!

Select from below to discover more about Mini Pots in your region, if you do not see your location listed, check back soon for updates! 


  • 4fl oz trial size pot
  • 1000+ colours available
  • 100% premium acrylic Ulttima Plus Emulsion
  • Select Flat or Satin finish
  • Use indoor or outdoor
  • Low odour/ Low VOC <5g/L
  • Covers up to 5ft square in 2 coats
  • Apply with Excel 2” Brush
  • Wash up in water

Your Mini Colour Pot contains Ulttima Plus premium 100% acrylic paint

First of its Kind in the World!

Mini Colour Pots are custom tinted to customers’ request in under 2 mins. So easy, plus it reduces waste and is made possible through cutting edge technology contained in our unique Mini Pot machine.

  • Vending machine concept
  • Designed to help customers try colours before they buy
  • Order at the push of a button
  • 1000+ colours available
  • Each colour is custom tinted to order
  • Reduces wastage
  • Produced in 2 mins
  • Sealed “no-spill” pot
  • Handy, pocket size
  • Right-sized for trying colour at home