Long Lasting Products

"I have been using your paint brand for over 15 years and I have never been disappointed. What I love about your product is it's very lasting on the surface so I don't have to paint very often comparing to other brands. The colors don't fade away that easily and likewise, if and when the surface gets dirty all you need is some plain water a little vinegar and small amount of soap to wipe the areas and its clean again while the colors remain the same as if you has just painted.

I paint my house every 2-3 years so my house is bright whenever relatives or friends come by. They always marvel asking how I paint so often and I say, "No I haven't. I last painted in 2019. "

I recommend your brand right there and then because I'm hearing that other brands are not lasting that long and they have to repaint every year due to flakes on the surface. BH Paints doesn't at all. Your prices are affordable comparing to other brands.

I'll continue to support the brand "

- Leeroy Mitchell, Jamaica

Loved the Textured Finish!

"Everyone has been inquiring about the product, they love the Harris textured finish. They want to know what product I used and the applicators loved the way the Troweltex worked more than the other available textured finishes."

- B. Bhola, Double Day Hotel, Guyana

BH Paints – where quality meets satisfaction

"I purchased Ulttima Plus Gloss Enamel in several colours and it’s perfection: the sheen, the colour and the overall finish."

- Nevoka Wright, Jamaica

We highly recommend the Harris products…

"As a distributor of the Harris brand, we highly recommend the Harris products particularly the premium line to our customers. With proper knowledge of product preparation and application, we have had no doubt they are of high quality and we feel confident in selling Harris products."

- Builders Choice Hardware, St. Lucia

Everyone is saying that the Ulttima Plus paint is very good

"Everyone is saying that the Ulttima Plus paint is very good; a local Hotel stated that even though the Ulttima Plus White is different he likes the new one because the thickness and the colour is a real brilliant white."

- David Goddard, Paint Plus, Antigua

I am a very demanding customer…

"I am a very demanding customer who refuses to cut corners or go for anything other than the best. That’s why when it comes to paints, sealants and bonding agents I trust only Harris Paints."

- Brent St. Catherine, St. Lucia

Since I started my business I have always used Harris Paints

"Since I started my business I have always used Harris Paints and found the quality of products to be higher compared to the competition. For Harris Ulttima Plus, the name matches the product because you can really see the improvements. It has more body, is low odour and the colours are nice. The extra plus is the customer service I get at Harris."

- Kieno Emmanuel, Emmanuel Property Services, Barbados

I love the new Ulttima Plus

"Since 2004, I have been using only Harris Paints products at the hotel until today. I have not encountered any major problem. I love the new Ulttima Plus and the standard is good, because of the low odour our guests are able to occupy the rooms quickly."

- Mr. Stephen Francois, Head Painter at The Body Holiday Le Sport, St. Lucia

We are excited about using the new Ulttima Plus paints …

"...Which are specially formulated to make the best of the various environments that the paint will be used in. The new colours are also very attractive!"

-True Value Building & Hardware Supplies Ltd., St. Lucia

It’s the Best Brand that I have used that suits my needs

"I have used the Ulttima Plus satin emulsion and it dries quickly and is odour free. It’s the best brand that I have used that suits my needs."

- Nadesha Carr, Jamaica

The cost, quality and service given by Harris Paints has always been of top quality

"We at Bradley Paul Associates have been involved in many projects as both Quantity Surveyors and Project Managers where the main contractor’s preference for paint supplies has been Harris Paints. The cost, quality and service given by Harris Paints has always been of top quality and we are always happy when their products are used."


LAPA development in SouthHills, Westview Residence in Beau Estate and Villa Marigot in Marigot Bay

- D. Piper, BEng Civil, BRADLEY PAUL ASSOCIATES, St. Lucia

I’m happy with the performance of the product…

"It has a smooth glossy result. That is why this is my third visit to the store – back for more. I’m happy with the performance of the product."

- Norman Richards, Barbados

Harris Paints is the best in service, best in quality and best in product knowledge and after sales service.

"What I love the most about the new Ulttima Plus system is that it allows you to use other bases to tint if you are short of a particular base. Their recent introduction of the Ulttima Plus products proves that Harris Paints listens and cares about the concerns and needs of its customers. All the attributes from the products to the new colour tinting systems makes me one satisfied customer and I am willing to share the joy."

- Mrs. Beverly Fredrick, Fred's Lumber Company LTD, St. Lucia