About Colour: Dimensions of Colour

May 01, 2020 1 min read

Dimensions of colour, showing hue, LRV and chroma.

How can you define exactly what colour you are looking for? Mull over the hue, settle on the value, consider the intensity and voilà—meet your perfect colour. These are the three defining factors that give each colour its unique character.

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Intensity (or chroma) indicates the strength of the colour—whether it is bold and intense, or subtle and subdued. Consider the kind of statement you want to make in your room.

Hue describes the actual colour—what you’d see in the rainbow. It is the distinguisher between red and blue, orange and yellow.

Value describes the lightness or darkness of a colour, and must be taken into consideration depending on a room’s lighting, shadows and the level of sheen in the paint.


Dimensions of colour, showing hue, LRV and chroma.